Society of Exploration Geophysicists Gadjah Mada Student Chapter (SEG UGM SC) is an active Student Chapter located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. SEG UGM SC is a student chapter that came from the Society of Exploration Geophysicist foundation and was established in 2005.

SEG UGM SC is coordinated and organized under the circumstances of Himpunan Mahasiswa Geofisika UGM (HMGF UGM). The main activity of SEG UGM SC was a course sponsored by SEG Foundation which was based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

SEG UGM SC has several missions, one of a kind to enhance the sense of professionalism by actively running an organization and networking with other students and professionals.


Our latest activity:

1. Geophysics Expedition 2018

An annual event organized by HMGF and supported by SEG UGM-SC to introduce and apply Geophysical Methods in the field, the applicants were the students of Geophysics that came from inside and outside UGM.

2. Fieldcamp SEG UGM SC 2021

Field Camp 2021 was a research project which had been organized by the final year students of Geophysics Universitas Gadjah Mada and SEG UGM SC.  Building professionalism, being responsible, solving problems by applying science, and integrating multi-geophysical methods are some important factors that must be done by final year students of Universitas Gadjah Mada’s Geophysical Study Program in order to be able to develop and prepare themselves for professional work. Field Camp 2021 had been successfully held with the theme of “Integrating Near Surface Geophysical Studies for Urban Development in the Special Region of Yogyakarta”.

3. Fieldcamp SEG UGM SC 2022

Field Camp SEG UGM SC 2022 aims to provide a real picture for Geophysics students at Gadjah Mada University about the geoscientific world. The research location is in Tirtomoyo District, Wonogiri Regency which in terms of geological conditions is located on the extension of the stump and two shear faults (the shear fault turns towards Kayulawang in a northwest-southeast direction and a left-hand shear fault Kayulawang orients southwest-northeast) which control the alteration and ore mineralization. Field Camp 2022 has been held since November 2021 until June 2022.

4. 2nd SAGSC

An International Geosciences Student Conference (IGSC) event for students who want to focus on crossing boundaries between all of the geosciences branches such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Geothermal, Disaster Management, Geophysics etc. so they can share their ideas and fulfill their curiosity while interacting with experts, make relation and network. This event provides various technical and non-technical activities in the 3 days conference, 1 day trip, and 2 days post-conference. This event was held on 22 – 27 August 2016 with 628 participants from all around South Asia.

5. Outreach 2021

Outreach 2021 with the theme of “Landslide Investigation using Self Potential (SP) Method in Poyahan Village, Pundong, Bantul” aims to provide information about landslide-prone zones so that it has an impact on the reduction of potential victims and the loss of the community. In the presence of Covid-19 Pandemic, Outreach 2021 has been held hybrid (offline and online).

6. Student Leadership Symposium (SLS)

The SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) provides an opportunity for nominated chapter officers and chapter members to participate in leadership training with Chevron staff, panel discussions, real-world problem-solving activities, collaborate with other chapters, share cultural experiences, and attend drawing conventions. annual. SEG UGM SC is represented by Zidhan Zulfa Alwafi to participate in this SLS activity. Due to the Covid-19 situation and conditions, the 2021 SLS has been held online.

7. Mentoring 365

Some of our members are participating in the Mentoring 365 program. The student utilized this opportunity for asking advice from professionals about the career, studying abroad, and even scientific writing. This program really helped the student for guidance in preparing to be a great geophysicist from an aspiring geoscientist professional.

8. Honorary Lecture

On 3rd March 2018 Honorary Lecture was held at Seminar room Universitas Pembangunan Nasional that came from the collaboration SEG UGM and UPN SC by Prof. Rima Chatterjee.

Our Future activity and plan:

1. Field Camp SEG UGM-SC 2023

An annual event that is planned and run by Senior Students of Geophysics UGM that is organized by SEG UGM SC and supported by SEG Foundation since 2009 and will be held in 2022. The objective is to contribute to academic development.

2. Roadshow and Seminar to High School

The roadshow is a real form of dedication from SEG UGM SC to the community. In this activity, the knowledge of Geophysics will be introduced to students of SMA N 1 Kokap so that students can know about Geophysics, the job prospects of a geophysicist, and how a geophysicist can be useful for society and the nation. In addition, SEG UGM SC will also hold a seminar with the theme “Groundwater: general point of view” which will be held at SMA N 1 Kokap. From the holding of this seminar, it is hoped that the community, especially the younger generation, will be more concerned about the surrounding environment and can make good use of it. This event will be held on June 24th, 2022.

3. SEG Challenge Bowl 2022

The SEG Challenge Bowl competition is an international contest testing students’ breadth and depth of knowledge about the field of geoscience. The quiz-show format results in intense competition as the contestants attempt to “buzz in” first with the answers to challenging  geoscience questions. In this year, SEG UGM SC will proudly host this event and this will be collaborated with SEG ITB SC. This event will be held in October 2022.

4. National Webinar

The main purpose of this webinar is to expand the views and insights of the general public about issues and developments regarding geophysics. This event is expected to be held two times and the first national webinar will be held in September, 2022.

5. Scientific Writing Training

This event is devoted to internal SEG UGM SC. The goal of this event is to develop soft skills in writing essays or scientific articles. This event will be divided into two sessions, session 1 is the course and session 2 is the practice held with the internal competition.This event will be held in September, 2022.

6. Internal Professionalism Training (IPT)

A SEG training program that aims to improve the Soft Skill of both HMGF and SEG stewards to face the field of work. This event is expected to be held four times and the first IPT will be held in July, 2022.

7. SEG Student Chapter Benchmarking

Benchmarking is the practice of comparing organizational processes and performance metrics to Student Chapter bests and best practices from other Student Chapter. As an organization, we need to evaluate and develop our performance. So benchmarking is one of the solutions to help SEG UGM SC to be better. This event is expected to be held three times and the first benchmark will be held in July, 2022 with SEG ITS SC.

8. Software Training

This event is devoted to internal SEG UGM SC. The main purpose of this event is to develop soft skills in software that is often used in geophysics. This event is expected to be held two times and the first software training will be held in October 2022.

9. SEG Scholarship

SEG Scholarships encourage the study of geophysics and related geosciences. SEG Scholarships are awarded based on merit and are available to current students intending to pursue a college curriculum directed toward a career in geophysics. The application will be opened on November 1st, 2022 until March 1st, 2023 and both HMGF and SEG stewards can apply for this scholarship.